About Me

My beautiful story


My name is Faith Maria and I am a Fashion Textiles Print Designer. I have had a love for creativity, innovation and designing opportunities for as far back as I can remember!

As I progressed on my journey through High school to college, my assignments became more demanding and more complicated. I was forced out of my comfort zone on many occasions but have always found that as long as I remain patient and put in the effort required to improve my skills, I will always excel.

After enrolling on the Fashion Textiles Print Course at University for the Creative Arts, I faced new challenges in sewing garments and applying my drawings skills to digital platforms in the form of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

My process for creating prints varies based on what I am trying to achieve but the most common practice I follow starts by going out exploring with my camera and capturing inspirational products, scenery, images or moments. I feel it’s very important to observe the way objects – particularly nature related objects – behave when they aren’t being manipulated. For me, this affects how I implement an object into a print design ensuring that it still maintains its natural behavior.

In 2015 during my first year of studying Fashion Textiles Print, I created a few prints that were selected to be exhibited at Quex Park, Powell Cotton Museum. The prints were themed on luggage labels, which were based on gallery 4 – The Passion for Travel by Percy Powell-Cotton’s daughters, Diana and Antoinette.

I have had an internship with Dame Zandra Rhodes, which – as you can imagine – was an absolutely amazing experience! I learned so many new skills within the Screen-printing industry. I helped create the designs by hand, which would later be exposed onto a silk screen. During my time at Rhodes I created a print design, which progressed into production and developed into a garment. I have also been lucky enough to complete an internship with Ann Carrington. During my time with Carrington I helped create Pewter Coins that were exhibited in her latest collection, Pop Goes The Weasel, on display at The Royal College of Art. Working with Carrington granted me the opportunity of experimenting with new materials and the unique ways of using them.

In 2016 The Moret Group who specialise in various divisions such as activewear, sportswear, dancewear and more purchased my print “AquaGeo”. This print may feature in collaboration with one of their most recognised partners, which include the likes of “DKNY and Jason Maxwell”.